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 Project Management Essence List 

Section 1 :PMO
Section 2: Initiation
Create a Value-Add PMO in Your Organization
Define the Work - Techniques
Development Architeture (Part 2 of 2)
Development Architeture (Part 1 of 2)
Estimate the Project Work Before Gathering Detailed Requirements
Five Things to Remember When Interviewing New Team Members
Frustration Culture--When Actions and Principles Don't Align
Four Tips to Deal with Uncertainty on Long Projects
Governance is Needed to Enforce Organizational Standards and Policies
Project Managers Need Process and People Management Skills
Six Steps to Create a Tactical Project Scorecard
Ten Steps to Estimate Effort on your Project
Use a Business Case to Select and Prioritize Project
Section 3: Planing
Advanced Document Management for Large Projects
Agile Story Points Lead to Velocity and Rhythm
Be Prepared With a Full Estimating Packet
Build the Schedule - Techniques
Company Security Requires Coordination from Many Groups
Earned Value Management Explained (Part 1 of 2)
Earned Value (Part 2 of 2)
Estimating Techniques 1
Estimating Techniques 2
Expected Monetary Value (EMV)
Five Components of a Requirements Management Plan
Use a Staffing Strategy to Guide Staffing Decisions
Function Points 101
Section 4: Execute
Are You a Strong Project Manager
Apply These Six Techniques to Get an Overbudget Project Back on Track
Attack a Team Morale Problem on Many Fronts
Eight Pieces of information to Provide When Assigning Work
Escalate a Performance Problem with a Formal Plan
Gain More Complete Performance Feedback with a 360 Degree Review
How much of Project Management is Administration
Managing Staff
Make Sure Your Team Meets Your Deadlines – Even When the Customer is Not Meeting Theirs
Manage Human Resources - Framework
Manage Quality and Metrics - Techniques
Manage the Schedule / Techniques
Manage the Schedule and Budget - Techniques
Pareto Analysis
Proactively Manage Project Resources Without Authority
Provide Meaningful Performance Feedback
Six Steps to Resolving Project Problems
Six Tips for Managing the Project Budget
Statistical Process Control
Ten Costs of Poor Project Quality
Three Tips for Managing Issues on Projects
Two Techniques to Identify True Risks
Use Cost Accounts To Manage Budget with More Precision
Use Status Report to Manage Expectations
Section 5:Close
Close Project  

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