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Project Management Methodology
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What is MPMM?

Invented by Method123 and perfected over 10 years, MPMM is a Project Management Methodology which describes in detail the phases, activities and tasks required to undertake a project from end-to-end. Every task within the Project Life Cycle is described in depth, providing you with all of the knowledge and tools required to deliver projects successfully.

Whether you intend to manage an entire project or complete a single project task (such as undertaking a Feasibility Study, creating a Project Plan or performing Change Control), this product tells you how. By using MPMM, you can:

1.Put in place a standard framework for undertaking projects

2.Read in depth, how to undertake every phase, activity and task within a project

3.Learn best practices and use repeatable processes for Project Management

4.Complete projecttemplates(in Word and Excel) to create project deliverables

5.Readexamplesto understand how other projects have delivered successfull


Who uses MPMM?

MPMM is currently used by more than 45,000 people around the world to undertake projects and teach best-practice project management principles. Users include Project Managers, Business Managers, Project Team Members, Lecturers, Students, Consultants, Trainers and Trainees.

The following diagram describes how customers use MPMM to meet their goals.

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Why should I use MPMM?

It's well known that a large percentage of projects fail to deliver the benefits expected by the business. In fact according to The Standish Group, more than 70% of projects fail to deliver on time, within budget and to specification. So why do so many projects fail to meet the customers' requirements? Poor sponsorship, lack of defined requirements, and miscommunication between the project team and stakeholders are some of the most common causes.

However the most frequent cause of project failure is the lack of adoption of a Project Management Methodology. Without using a methodology from the outset:

    alt  Project Teams start building deliverables without defining the scope and objectives

    alt  Project roles and responsibilities are unclear, and lines of communications are undefined

    alt  There are no quality targets set, so it's difficult to know when really finished

    alt  The customer can never be certain of the project's progress or when it is to be complete

    alt  Project Managers must attempt to manage change, risks and issues "on the fly".

It's no surprise that many projects are cancelled before they even reach the planning stage of the project. A best practice Project Management Methodology provides structured processes at the outset for initiating, planning, executing and closing projects. MPMM helps you define your project objectives, create comprehensive project plans and establish the processes required to monitor and control your projects effectively. By using this best practice methodology, you will:

    alt  Reduce time spent completing project deliverables

    alt  Decrease cost by saving time and effort to build deliverables

    alt  Minimize change, risks and issues by defining your project properly before you begin

    alt  Assure quality of deliverables, increasing your likely of meeting the  requirements

    alt  Monitor and control the project more efficiently, especially during the Execution phase

    alt  Manage suppliers more effectively with comprehensive supplier contracts

    alt  Improve staff performance by clarifying roles, responsibilities and delivery expectations

    alt  Increase the likelihood of achieving overall project success.

MPMM stands out in the worldwide Project Management marketplace, because it:

    alt  Is incredibly comprehensive and affordable

    alt  Was created by real Project Managers, undertaking real projects

    alt  Is suitable for business owners, managers, teams, consultants, trainers and students

    alt  Includes thousands of charts, tables, templates, examples and real life examples

    alt  Covers every aspect of the Project Management Life Cycle, from initiation to closure

    alt  Adds depth to the PMBOK® and Prince2 ® worldwide project management standards

    alt  Suits projects of all types, sizes, industries and countries


How will I benefit from MPMM?

By using MPMM, you will greatly improve the likelihood of delivering your project successfully. The following table describes the additional benefits associated with adopting MPMM:

If you are a... You can...
Business Owner alt Standardize the way your projects are undertaken
alt Use this methodology as the basis for managing project performance
Project Manager alt Have a clear framework for the successful delivery of projects
alt Use a comprehensive suite of processes to manage time, cost, quality, change, risks, issues, suppliers and customers
Project Team alt Gain the knowledge required to build deliverables more efficiently
alt Use hundreds of forms and templates to get started right away
Consultant alt Adopt a standard framework for managing client projects
alt Use this intellectual property to build client deliverables faster
Trainer alt Create training courses and presentations founded on this methodology
alt Use the examples as reference materials for your training courses
Lecturer alt Adopt this methodology for your class curriculum
alt Add credibility to courses by training students in a methodology used by 45,000 people around the world
Student alt Learn how to manage projects efficiently using a formal methodology
alt Take your learning into the workplace by adopting this methodology for professional project management activities

Whether you're a manager, team member, consultant, trainer, lecturer or student, you will benefit greatly from adopting the Method123 Project Management Methodology (MPMM) for your projects.


Which projects are suitable?

Project Size

MPMM is suitable for projects of all sizes. Whether your project has a budget of $1,000 or $100 million, MPMM provides a standardized approach to achieving success. To ensure that MPMM is directly suitable to your project environment, we have listed the most suitable activities for small, medium and large projects within a Project Sizing matrix.

Project Industry

MPMM is a broad-based Project Management methodology and it is one of few methodologies in the market which applies to a wide spectrum of industries. Examples of industries which currently use this methodology include:

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Regardless of your industry, MPMM will add value to your project by providing a powerful framework for delivering it quickly and efficiently


Why is it best practice?

To ensure that the phases, activities and tasks defined in MPMM are best practice, we have aligned the content with the principles set out by the worldwide Project Management Institute (PMI®) as defined within "A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge" (PMBOK® Guide). The PMBOK is the worldwide standard for best-practice Project Management. See www.pmi.org for more information.

MPMM is also aligned with Prince2®, the European standard for project management. Click here if you would like to view a 'best practice comparison' between MPMM, the PMBOK® and Prince2®.

If you want to deliver projects on time and within budget, then select your MPMM Edition below...


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MPMM Professional

  • For PM professional
  • Manage project
  • Create methodology
  • Upload methodology
  • Import templates
  • more

MPMM Standard

  • For project teams
  • Deliver easily
  • Follow lifecycle
  • Implement processes
  • Use the templates
  • more

MPMM Educational

  • For lecturers
  • Learn PM
  • Teach principle
  • Improve knowledge
  • Based on PMBOK & P2
  • more


"Managers, teams, consultants and trainers will find this tool invaluable as it gives you an entire project management methodology. By adopting the methods and processes included, Project Managers will gain a marked improvement in success. It's great."
Frank Stillo
Director Project Management Institute New York Chapter USA

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