20 Minute IT Manager Series

Over 160 valuable e-learning sessions for one low price of less than four dollars per session - a 68% discount that saves you over $1100! Individual Episodes also available.

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alt ReadySetPass Self-Paced PMP® Exam Prep

Take the PMP Exam with confidence. We offer a self-paced class online. Through practice exams and practical exercises, participants will focus on key concepts and principles for passing the PMP exam.
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The Ultimate Project Managers Toolkit

The Ultimate Project Managers Toolkit is packed full of over 340 templates, workplans, study guides and more. Save $1000s in resources, documentation and time with just one download! Price $75.00 alt alt
alt Lessons in Project Management

Lessons in Project Management highlights 50 essential project management lessons in a unique format that is unlike any other book on the market.
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